The Onondaga County Re-entry Task Force (OCRTF) was established in 2008 with a grant from the Division of Criminal Justice Services. It is comprised of key stakeholders with a shared interest in better serving the formerly incarcerated which include State and County representatives and many critical Community Partners considered experts in their fields. With a common vision, the OCRTF strives to ensure the successful transition of persons released from prisons back to the community by coordinating our efforts and supporting theirs.

The guide for the OCRTF has been the model of re-entry developed by the National Institute of Corrections which emphasizes a research-informed approach. It focuses on the removal of barriers which can prevent a successful re-entry and utilizes evidence-based practices to enhance it, thereby reducing recidivism and increasing public safety.

Our Goal

The OCRTF seeks to remove existing barriers, in policy and practice, that impact one’s ability to access and obtain basic needs and services during the initial transition from prison to the community. Through public outreach, education and community collaboration we provide a fully support re-entry transition, increasing success and creating overall productive outcomes.